Making Lives Better, With Every Occasion.

Our mission is to provide fun social experiences through a variety of exciting events, competitions, meetups, photoshoots, excursions as well as access to acting & modelling opportunities.


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Taking Social Experiences & Activities to The Next Level

We specialise in making it easier for people, of all ages, to enrich their social lives, removing the anxiety from social encounters and connecting people with friends for life. Through our network of agencies, we also place people into acting and modelling roles.

  • Whether you're new to the city or not, expand your social circle with amazing people
  • Explore all the great spots, lively atmospheres and gathering hubs of the city
  • Get access all the exciting opportunities for modelling, acting, photography; and participate in interesting research studies


For great experiences and connections, Frendlea is your best option.

With so much on offer, there is truly no end to the ways you can truly live and love your social life with Frendlea. Take your pick, enjoy the experience, and grow your social circle with people you will be glad to call your friends.



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