How To: Make University Friends

Every new student worries about making friends at university – fact. And while it’s true that everyone is in the same boat, we also understand that not every boat is exactly the same.

So whether you’re living at home or moving away, or a big fan of nights out or not interested in drinking at all, we’ve got tips on how to make friends to suit every student.

These tried and tested methods can be put in to practice right away (before you even arrive at uni for some!) and are guaranteed to help you settle into university life with your new pals.

Join Facebook groups

Before you arrive at university, the best way to make friends is to check out some Facebook groups for new students.

It might take a bit of detective work, but there are bound to be groups for your course, halls or university in general – all of which are a great way of introducing yourself to people before you even get to uni.

Don’t become too much of a Facebook stalker, but comment on relevant posts, message people or add them as friends as you see appropriate. At the very least, there’ll be some familiar faces at uni when you arrive.

Help flatmates move in

To make friends during freshers’ week, it’s super important to make an effort with your flatmates straightaway.

When you first meet them, it might feel a bit difficult to know where to begin – but offering to help them move their stuff alleviates some of that awkward small talk.

Having something practical to do will help you both feel more relaxed, and in the process of moving their stuff, you could spot a common interest you both have.

Go to freshers’ events

There’ll be LOADS going on during freshers’ week (okay, maybe not as much with COVID going on) – try and throw yourself in as much as possible. Just make sure that if you’re out at freshers’ parties, remember to social distance and not get too drunk. It’s hardly easy to make friends if you can’t remember their names (or what they look like) the next day.

And, don’t worry if nights out aren’t your scene – unis often organise day trips, guided tours of the city or even trips to IKEA if you’re in need of some flat essentials. Probably more so with the pandemic!

Stay on campus to study

Instead of going home to study, why not try working in one of the common areas at uni? The silent area of the library might not be the best place to make friends, but if you can find an area where you’re allowed to talk, this would be perfect.

That way, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to people as they come and go, and you could even set up a study group with other students. It’s way more fun than studying on your own, anyway.

Organise day trips

There are loads of fun things you and your friends can do at university that don’t involve nights out – and with less ‘nights out’ due to the COVID pandemic, it might be a good idea to be more proactive about this!

Do some research into fun (and cheap) activities you can do in the local area and plan a day out with some people from your course or halls. They’ll probably appreciate you taking the lead and organising something a bit different.

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